Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Building works interrupt textiles!

May seems to be moving rather fast.  We are having our conservatory replaced.  As this house is a barn conversion the Council have told us we have to replace it on the footprint of the old one which is a pity as we would like to have widened it.  It also has to be built from the same materials (largely wood) which means it is extremely expensive but at least the new one will not leak.  Also we have been allowed to replace the side doors with dangerous steps with proper French doors out onto the lawn.

Here is a progress photo!  Today some of the glass has gone in so we are getting there.

The cats have been somewhat put out as they normally live in the conservatory.  I have had to give them access to my bedroom as an alternative which is a problem because it is also where I sew and I have found it difficult to get on with my current project.  This is Zelah's quilt (see January for the doll's version).  I have been laying out blocks on the bed as I go but I am finding the assembly is really taxing my brain.

This was how it looked a week ago but it is nothing like that now as I have been making filler blocks and am constantly changing the arrangements!

Meanwhile the 'wet' studio has come in handy for the builders.  It poured with rain on Thursday and Friday when they had to glue the framework together so they were able to lay it out on the floor in there.  Just as well I did not have any plans for working in there.

In order to get away from all this I walked up to Trengwainton garden yesterday.  The azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom and quite amazing.  I took lots of photos and will post some when I have edited them.  The colours are truly inspirational