Monday, 6 October 2014

Another UFO finished

Some months ago (but I cannot find the post) I remember saying that I wanted to finish off various UFOs before starting on new work.  Well I am pleased to report that I have now finished the lap quilt which had been sitting half-quilted in a pillowcase in the studio.  I made this from a Cut Loose Quilts design that I had used before.  It has large 'blank' squares and when I made the first quilt I hand quilted these but my days of intensive hand quilting are now over.  I could not decide what to put in the squares so the quilt sat there for over a year.  Finally I decided to cut my losses and simply put a large diagonal cross across each block.  The pieced blocks are quilted in the ditch.

What did please me, given that I had bought the fabric at the Festival of Quilts about three years ago, was that I was able to make the binding from left over strips of the backing.  The backing was pieced using some of the same fabrics as the front plus a couple of others.  I even had a suitable piece of wadding and of course plenty of threads so it was really quite a cheap quilt.  Batik is not cheap though.  I just love it.

The quilt goes really well with our sofas so I have put the one I had there in another room.

It is also greatly appreciated by Hinemoa.  In fact I had trouble hemming the binding because she would not get off.  Every evening we have 'television time' when she sleeps on it on my knee.

However, this afternoon she was less keen about being a model.