Monday, 20 March 2017

Down sizing - how to start

I have known for several years that we will have to leave this house as it is totally unsuitable for someone with disabilities.  For a start it is on three levels so I now have two stair lifts.  It only has loos on one floor (upstairs) and there is no way of putting one on the ground floor.  Then there is my studio which we converted from the garage as a combined utility room/studio.  Here it is when we first moved in.

I used to work in the bedroom.

To save money, not least because we did not want to lose the wall between the study and studio, we did not put in an internal door.  This means going out the main door and across the yard every time you have to do anything with the washing not to mention any art work.  I can no longer do this in case I fall out there, which I have done in the past, but when I was much less disabled than I am now.  It has been a brilliant studio because although the ceiling is low and the light levels not good (the back wall is built into the side of the hill) it was a totally cat-free zone!  After years of working round cats it meant I could leave my work out.  I also had two sinks, a long workbench and the kitchen table from our old house so there has been plenty of room for wet work.

You may have seen a couple of recent posts featuring my Bernina which I have brought inside again as I cannot bear to think I will never sew again, although following another nasty fall three weeks ago I have not been able to do a thing.

My husband has now agreed in principle that we will have to move.  Decluttering can start instantly  so last week I invited the local creative textiles group to come and select what they wanted from the studio. I really wanted them to take all the wet work stuff and the large quantities of fabric for dyeing.  I was not able to get out there myself though, so when I finally stepped over the threshold I discovered they had been very enthusiastic and helped themselves to all my rotary cutting equipment and a large basket of batik fabric that I am currently using.  I am glad to say they have now returned it.  Just shows you how you must spell things out if you want to give away or sell things I should know having taught.  I see the group also took all my machine embroidery threads which were not on my list.  However, I have decided to let them keep those as I know in my heart of hearts I will not be using them again.

Now I can ask the car boot sale person to come and take away all the empty containers!  This is how you do it folks.  When we had our house fire in 1999 I lost absolutely everything down to the last needle and pin and it is amazing how quickly you build up a studio again.  But you need to grieve for the things that are going.  I am glad I no longer have all the stuff from my youth as it is making this whole process much easier. I will post some photos if I can find some suitable ones.  Now it is on to the bedroom where most of my stash has always been.