Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Journal Quilts - July and August

Before I left for the Festival of Quilts last week I determined to finish my July and August quilts.  It gave me a wonderful feeling knowing that I would not have to scramble to finish them this week.  The July one is inspired by my trip to Monet's garden at Giverney.

The base is a piece of space-dyed cheesecloth from several years ago (keeping up my aim of recycling using things I already have) onto which I put cut up pieces of the pole-painted silk I made last month.

They were left with raw edges and I then hand quilted them.  The waterlilies are two thicknesses of dupion silk bonded together and then attached to the quilt by hand.

I used more cheesecloth for the August quilt.  This was some of my rust dyeing and I found it did not like the sewing machine so I had to hand quilt it.  I combined it with a piece from the pole-painted cotton I had made at the same time as the silk.  I machine quilted the cotton in a variegated thread and was really pleased with the contrast between the two quilted fabrics.  At last I have made something that depicts the lines on sand when the tide is out.

The surf is a piece of lace, some of which I had dyed a while ago and then put back in the stash.

This quilt is similar to some I have done in the past including a larger one that I was never able to photograph because I could not get far enough away from it!  I am thinking of making a slightly larger version of this one as I think it worked well and I have more of both fabrics.

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