Friday, 17 December 2010

December Journal Quilt

I have just finished my December journal quilt and photographed it and uploaded it to the cqgb Yahoo site .

What a wonderful feeling to have completed them all before we get to Christmas.  We have had so much snow in Cornwall this year, compared with normal, that I had to put it in this last quilt.  Although I am not daring enough to drive to the beach to see where it lies, there are plenty of photographs on websites and in the local press.  You will recognise some of the fabrics in this quilt as ones I used earlier in the year so I am keeping to my resolve to only use things I already have.  I gave this one its wintery feel by quilting it with metallic thread and then hand stitching snowflakes, using silver stranded cotton.

It is interesting how after a time, you can find yourself repeating themes and/or techniques.  This quilt is very (too) similar to February 2009 when we also had snow.  That one is snow on the moors and was completely hand-stitched.

I have now reached the point where I think I should take a break from journal quilts so I have decided not to do them in 2011.  I must get Zelah's quilt finished and I have hardly started the one I am doing for my nephew as a wedding present.  But I also have a lot of ideas for art quilts that I need to get out of my head, into some kind of drawings/art work and made.  I think my life has become a bit dominated by journal quilts which speak to me because I like to work small.  So hopefully 2011 will see something different.

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  1. Well done for completing the quilts with time in hand. I like the variety of stitch you've used. I am in two minds over the JQs too but as I've only done them for 2 years I may continue next year but try and work in a series or something.