Sunday, 9 January 2011

Zelah's quilt is finished!

I think this is a good start to the New Year.  I have finished Zelah's quilt!

In the end I decided not to do any hand quilting in the plainer blocks so I just hope it holds together given that I did most of the quilting with invisible thread.  I used a Borders Made Easy border pattern.  These are designed for machine quilting.  You simply lay the printed piece of paper which has sticky on the edges, on to the fabric and stitch.  Brilliant!  The whole thing only took a couple of hours.

I then pieced the binding in several colours taken from the Fossil Ferns fabric I had used for the border.     This tied everything together.  Now I just need to embroider my initials and the date.  I'm tempted to put 2010 since 99 per cent of it was made then.  Although Zelah could do with the quilt in this terribly cold winter she will have to wait until either her grandparents go to visit her from here or she comes down on holiday.  I am not prepared to post it because, although I have never lost anything yet, you do hear awful stories about quilts getting lost in the post.  Scrap quilts full of fabric with 'stories' behind them cannot really be insured


  1. So very bright and beautiful, these warm, cheery and welcoming houses. You've added in smaller blocks to add interest, which is wonderful too! Whoever Zelah is, she's a lucky girl!

  2. Just saw your reply about Cornwall - will remember and plan a non-summer trip! Thanks!