Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Textures home and away

It is just a year since I was in Venice so I have been looking through my photos again.  As usual I haven't got round to printing any out but now I that I can think about art quilts again I will.  One of my favourite textile artists is Fenella Davies who does wonderful work based on Venetian walls.  http://www.fenelladavies.com/shadows.html
I don't want to seem as though I am copying her style so I need to think carefully about what I do with my images.

I think trying out some of the fancy filters in Elements should be high up the list.  Cropping this image of a palace and then using the new 'photo' might be good.

and I have two or three detail shots that have potential.

It wasn't easy taking photos when moving around in a group and unfortunately the tour did not have much free time for me to go back to places.  However, I can see all sorts of possibilities with this shot - and I do have a couple of more detailed ones of the same building.

I have also been slowly collecting similar photos locally so I might do something that compares Penwith and Venice.  How about these from Hayle and Penzance?

This is a wonderful piece of old iron wall on the beach at Lelant near Hayle.

Here is the side of a rusting ship in Penzance harbour.

And this piece of old iron was beside it.

And back in Hayle I found an old door with an interesting knocker. and bolts.  As you can see, I am rather fond of rust!


  1. Every time we come down to St Ives we intend to go and explore Hayle but we've never made it yet. We're coming down tomorrow for 2 weeks so this will be the year. I love textures too and you have some great photos to work from here. Thank you for the link, the work is very exciting.

  2. You may not read this before you set off but if you do go to Hayle there is interesting walking including going down to the mouth of the river. You can then walk along the coast and back over through Phillack. The photos of the door were taken in the Foundry area where I recently discovered the remains of Harvey's foundry and a small park. Enjoy you stay.

  3. Sad to say yet again we didn't make it to Hayle, just passed through on the bus. Next time hopefully, but thank you for the details of a suggested walk. Thank you, we did have a lovely restful break.

    I was sorry to read about your recent diagnosis and share your wish that the progress is slow.