Sunday, 25 March 2012

March Journal Quilt Part 2

My March journal quilt is all finished.  Like most of these pieces it changed a bit as it went along but here is the final thing.

I hand stitched all the red squares using variegated thread.  It all stayed quite firm but then most of it was two or three layers of fabric.  I was flicking through a book of Klee paintings when I came across one called 'Landschaft bei Sonnenintergang'.  The book is in German because I bought it when I was living in Germany many years ago.  My German isn't brilliant but I think this painting is of a sunset with the last of the sunlight reflected on the walls of houses.  The original also has some small blobs of green to represent houses but I left these out.  I tried to find this painting on Google images but failed.  It is not as well known as many of his works.

I used silk dupion for the yellow pieces and blanket stitched them with rayon thread so that they were shiny.  The binding is very dark red dupion.  I think the whole piece is a bit less transparent than Rosemary Claus Gray's work.  With fabrics like this you should really be able to look through the piece so photographing it against a piece of foamboard doesn't do it any favours.  I notice that Rosemary frames her work although it does fulfill the criteria of layers for quilts.

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