Friday, 18 May 2012

Copenhagen architecture

I didn't take many photos in Copenhagen but there were some very interesting modern buildings.  The national library has a wonderful glass wall

while both the national theatre

and the opera house are very striking.

All these building are built out over the harbour.  The thing that always strikes me about architecture in continental countries, however, is that modern domestic buildings appear to be of a much higher standard than their British equivalent.  Here is the area where my nephew lives: modern apartment blocks, all with balconies and really well appointed and roomy inside.  Note the moorings for boats behind the trees in the middle of the picture.

We took a boat trip round the harbour where new apartments have been built or converted from old warehouses and parts of the old navy base.  A bit like London docklands.

Of course there are plenty of traditional buildings too.  We went to the Folk Museum section of the National Museum.  I am addicted to folk museums which I first discovered in Sweden twenty years ago and could have spent all day there.  Here is a traditional thatched farmhouse.  Note the way the thatch is anchored with wooden beams.

Finally, I could not resist taking photos from my nephew's balcony of the building at the end of the street.  This is a bank.  I think this shot has lots of potential for design - look at how the sun is reflected in the glass walls.  I need to spend some time with this image and fiddle with it in Elements.

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