Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Alto Lazio: small details

Whenever I am out taking photos I am always on the look out for the less usual shot: small details, candid crowd shots etc.  This is quite a challenge when you are with a group, both because you generally cannot stop for long enough or move away from the group, and also because the photos tend to have the heads of group members in them!  A lot of my photos this time are like that and I do not think cropping in Photoshop is going to cure the problem.  But I did manage to find a few things that were a bit different and/or could be used as design inspiration.  First there were roofs:

The colour of the tiles was wonderful as were the lines.

Sometimes it is the angles even if TV aerials etc. get in the way.

And here are two shots taken from the roof of our hotel.


Still to come: the gardens we visited.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I am enjoying your holiday! It all looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see the gardens. Italy? I really should visit that country some time soon. The roofs are fascinating, can you feel a quilt coming on?

    1. Am about to do the Gardens post. Yes, I take photos of things like roofs with a view to using the patterns in quilt designs although I have nothing special in mind at the moment.