Sunday, 1 September 2013


From time to time I think I should make one or two photo books of my best holiday photos, using an on-line company.  After all, you never look at photos that are just stuck on the computer. Photobox, who do my Christmas calendars, is one possibility.  The calendars are brilliant.  My sister uses Snapfish so that is an alternative.  This week I decided I really should get my act together so I spent hours and hours sorting through my photos of the specialist art tour I took to Lake Como in 2011 and making a folder that I could upload easily. There was an interesting mixture of photos: the usual 'snapshots' of the landscape

a few shots of people as 'local colour'

lots of the various art works we studied such as this fresco

and sculptures on churches

and finally, things I saw that said 'Design' to me.

This is fruit on an ornamental palm tree.

I am afraid that I have not got much further with this project, however, because the website drove me mad!  I like to be 'arty' and arrange the photos one by one so that they make sense by subject matter and theme.  I have not done a photo book before and it told me I had to put all the photos in order before I dragged them into the boxes.  You are given possible arrangements by date or title in alphabetical order.  This is not what I want!  So at six pm on Friday I gave up.  I guess I will have to phone them and try and find out how I can do it.  I was prepared to be annoyed by the automatic cropping but not having total control of the layout is hopeless.  

I had already made a folder for Venice and I have the beginnings of ones for New Zealand but the finished products are expensive so it has taken me literally years to decided I can afford it.  I could always simply order prints and put them in an album but I do not think it is the same.

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  1. I will enjoy your photos of beautiful areas I have never seen. I sympathize with the forced cutting back of the active lifestyle we used to lead but can be thankful for present blessings! I live in South Mississippi USA with my one large and precious cat, who keeps me company as I stitch daily.
    Martha Ginn