Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Linking Facebook and my blog

A few weeks ago my two sisters persuaded me to join Facebook so that I could see various family photos.  I set up an account, invited a very few people to be friends (mainly family and old friends from New Zealand) and told every one I was not going to post on it.  Then a little later I learnt about Facebook Pages and decided that if I set one up in the name of Reensstitcher I could (a) set it up with a link that would let people know I had posted on my blog and (b) use it to post photos of some of my quilts.  I am very aware that putting photos on it means people can 'rip them off' but this afternoon I have worked out how to do upload photos and the Reensstitcher page now has an album of quilt photos.

Deciding which photos to use was an interesting exercise as I found I had worked to themes more than I realised.  I will probably open another album with some of my other work at some point.  The next problem has been locating the photos.  How I wish I was a methodical tidy person but I am not sure if this comes naturally to creative types!  I have photos everywhere - on a memory stick, on a free standing hard drive and on the computer although I moved most of them off there at the end of last year.  Now I discover that some must have vanished when I bought a new computer in 2009 as the filing system (such as it is) seems to collapse at that point and there are at least two photos I wanted to use which I am going to have to take again.  So here is Gwithian Two which you may have seen before but nowhere can I find Gwithian One.  Fortunately I still have the quilt so I will retake the photos tomorrow.  I cannot even find it on my blog although I distinctly remember taking the original photos.  The album I have set up is on the theme of the coast and the sea around Penwith.

The other task involved in setting up the Reensstitcher page has been to organise a link between it and the blog.  I have had good e-mail instruction from a fellow contemporary quilter but I am still far from certain that I have done it right.  It appears that there is now an automatic link between the blog and my main Facebook account but not between the blog and the Reensstitcher page.  Of for a handy young person to sort me out!  If you have got to this posting via Facebook chances are you are one of my Friends rather than someone who has ticked 'Like''

I have however, been glad to learn in the last twenty-four hours that I am not the only one facing these problems.  There is some interesting chat on the SAQA Yahoo group about following blogs and what widgets to have.  Interesting what happens when the older generation decides to take over the younger generation's social media and I am not surprised most young people have abandoned Facebook.  The Preview page tells me I cannot access my widget so it will be interesting to see what happens when I publish it.

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  1. Just got a notification of this post. so like is working ok.