Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Studio almost back to normal!

Our new kitchen is now completely operational.  The builder finished a week ago but it has taken a long time to decide where to keep things, throw away a lot of the stuff that used to clutter the benches and then sort out the studio.  Today the sewing machine,large cutting board and rulers have returned to their proper home and I think most of the things I moved out so they would not be contaminated by the smells of cooking, are now back in place.

The kitchen itself if lovely and we are very pleased with it.

We are trying very hard to keep the benches tidy but as keen cooks we tend to have our 'tools' on display.

We have not yet done anything about replacing the fridge and freezer although we have decided what we want.  Sorting it all out was just too much while everything was a building site and as it stands on the opposite wall to the fitted kitchen, we are able to wait.  The space between the hob and the oven is rather taken up by a large trivet and the induction hob we bought for the temporary kitchen.  We think it is wonderful particularly for keeping things warm and making risotto so it is staying but I am going to have to learn to cope with a couple of rather small places for mixing things!

Now I can begin to think about sewing again!  I have acquired a microwave for dyeing as we decided to replace our rather elderly microwave and the old one will stay in the studio.  Now I need to use the internet to find out how best to use it with Procion dyes.  When we moved down here over eight years ago, I had the microwave from our old house but like many people I never got round to using it and it finally went to the tip.  I must try harder this time!  I am one of the people keenly waiting for Linda Seward's new book to arrive in the UK.  As I am not going to the Festival of Quilts, I gather I will have to wait a while yet.

I have managed to make a present for our new great-nephew in the States which my sister and her husband will take over with them in September as I have heard too many tales of what US customs can be like.  Unfortunately I cannot put it up on the blog in case one of the family looks at it!

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