Thursday, 28 August 2014

Map quilt finished

This must be something of a record for me this year.  I have finished my map quilt!  The quilting was quite straight forward.  I made it pretty dense as I remembered the fields where we lived in Northamptonshire which is a big arable area.  The finished quilt is thirteen inches square which was a very manageable size. - really a journal quilt.  Now I have to think hard about how I can make map quilts that are more 'me' and less Alicia.  Changing the colours is easy but at this point I have not thought about the techniques.  Interestingly, my husband said he thought they were more 'aerial views' than maps so I am turning that over in my mind too.

1 comment:

  1. Something that might help with making the next map quilt "more me" is to look at lots of similar quilts, or even aerial views on the internet, and really think about what appeals to you about each, and what elements you might use yourself - and also what you'd rather not use!