Saturday, 28 March 2015

Another map quilt

At long last I have finished my second map quilt.  I see I posted about the first one in September last year which is an awfully long time ago.  For my second one I decided to work from some old OS maps I have of this village.  Easier said than done.  I really could not repeat the street pattern so I decided I needed more practice at doing 'fictional' maps.  However, I did choose colours that reflect the architecture of the  houses (sombre Victorian granite cottages) and the nature of the moors around here in winter.  I cannot remember when I started work on this one but I do know that it has been kicking round the studio half-quilted for weeks.  This week I have made a big effort to finish the quilting using Madeira rayon threads which work well on a small piece like this.

When I came to do the binding today I realised that my sewing days are numbered.  The degenerative neuromuscular condition I suffer from is beginning to affect my fingers.  Fortunately (although contrary to what the consultant has told me) it seems to be attacking my non-dominant hand (the right) at the moment but I am beginning to have problems tying knots in thread and threading the needle on the machine although that is not helped by the fact that I have never really learnt to use the automatic needle threader in the sixteen years I have had the machine!  I tell myself that plenty of people of my age have to contend with arthritis when they sew and that I should be able to draw/paint for some time yet although I do not think of myself as an artist.  I now realise how many muscles we use when sewing, far more than you realise.  In order to use a sewing machine you need two hands that work and also a fully functioning right foot for the pedal!   I had to give up driving last October because I was having trouble feeling the brake pedal and I now have the same sensation when I use the machine.  However, I am not likely to hit anyone when using a sewing machine.

Over the winter I have made one other thing: a small wall hanging with farm animals like the two I made last year.  This one is for my hairdresser's new daughter.  It is very small with only four animals but my hairdresser has started quilting herself and made the baby a quilt.  I prefer to make smaller things these days so here it is.

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