Monday, 7 March 2016

Patchwork dogs

On Christmas Day I posted about the quilt top I made with dogs on it.  I am afraid it is still just a top because I do not seem to have any pieces of fabric large enough for the back and need to decide whether to buy something or to attempt to piece the back.  The same article in Todays Quilter had a pattern for soft toy dogs so I have been making these out of various scraps.  They are obviously ideal as items for charity stalls but I have not yet decided what is happening to them.

Here is one made from batiks.

And here is one made from primary colours.  As you can see, it is difficult to get the long strip that joins the two sides to meet at the right point for the corners.  The second dog has a distinctly peculiar angle to its ear but I am afraid it will have to stay like that.  Now I plan to make some that are more 'grown up' in proper dog-like colours.  It does not take long to make the sides.  It is just the joining strip that causes the problem.  I have given them felt eyes as then they are suitable for babies.

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