Sunday, 5 February 2017

Surfers at Marazion

Today's 'walk' became sitting in the car looking at the sea and the wind surfers.  After a quick trip to Sainsburys where I found it difficult to hang on to the trolley as I crossed into the car park, we decided it was too risky for me to walk on my walker.  Also it was cold enough for us to be wearing duffel coats!  However, you can always sit in the car with the windows wound down so that is what we did.  We parked at the old railway station at the entrance to Marazion where there are good views if you can find somewhere to park in the front row.

Today's attractions were wind surfers, dogs and two very large container ships which appeared to be 'parked' on the horizon, i.e. they did not move during the hour we were there.

The surfers got up great speeds thanks to the wind.

but it was still easy to fall off.

There were some very large dogs along with the usual small ones and at one

point there were seven wind surfers.  The surfer in this photo was the best and made several really long runs.  There are  wonderful clouds in this photo too.

But the sea itself was relatively calm despite the wind.

At least we got out.  Tomorrow's weather forecast is poor so I am glad we went.  Then I came home to continue work on my 'textile thread' posts and hope to have something up here tomorrow.

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