Friday, 14 April 2017

Old work - hangings

Recently I found a whole box of photos of quilts I made in the twentieth century.  I think this proves that it is a good idea to photograph everything although I am still looking for photos of some of the more important ones!  I may even have to retake some of the photos as I realise the originals may have gone up in smoke in 1999.  It appears I made a lot of traditional - ish quilts before I got into what my husband always calls 'slash and burn' in the mid-nineties so I will do a post or two about those.  A lot of you know I am very much a cat person so to start here are some cat things which I made back then.

This is a foundation pieced cushion which I made my husband for his desk chair. It was from a 'Piecemakers' kit and it was much more difficult to stitch than I had anticipated.  The cushion has now bitten the dust!

And back in those days I used to do Christmas items.  One year I made two cat wall hangings: this one for us

and this one for the friends we used to share Christmas with.

 It must have been about twenty years ago that I made these and I can see that the quilting was pretty basic.  In the end we stopped hanging ours so last year I gave it to the friends' daughter.  We no longer have Christmas together and the daughter, who lives in a tiny cottage, celebrates Christmas at home.  However, I thought it was probably full of memories for her and it seemed better than sending it to the car boot sale.  When you get to the down-sizing stage it is difficult to know what to do with the finished items as opposed to the UFOs.  I have a whole suitcase of earlier efforts under my bed and another couple of hangings rolled up in sheets and stored on top of a high bookcase.  I know I should unroll and reroll them from time to time but life is too short.  I honestly have no idea what to do with them so if you have any ideas, post a comment.

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