Friday, 5 January 2018

New look blog

I have spent most of January so far trying to set up a second blog.  This is because I can no longer sew so I have decided to write about other subjects.  You do not want to know about the problems I have had with first, trying to set up a second blogger blog and then a wordpress one.  In the end I have decided to do what my husband initially suggested which is to 'tweak' reensstitcher.  I know I did this once before and that this revamp is much more major but it is much easier to use a template you are already familiar with and blogger tells me that if I want to have two blogs I need two Google/g-mail accounts which seems a step too far.  So, as you can see I have already changed the header to a photo of Te Mata peak.  This was the first mountain I was aware of in my early childhood. 

I already have a lot of material about my early life in New Zealand saved as Word documents so I can simply copy and paste.  However, some of the material will have to be split up as it is too long for a post.  Part of my target audience for the new look blog is my extended family and old friends,  I also have a problem with photos because of having lost most of mine in a house fire in 1999.  I am very sensitive to copyright issues but will try to use published images where they seem safe.  I follow a wonderful Facebook group with photos of Old Wellington, for example, but whether I can access any of the photos is anybody's guess.   And I will also be altering my list of links because there are different websites for my new subjects.  I know a lot of people now access my blog from Facebook but many of my friends are not Facebook users.

So Happy New Year to you all and happy reading.

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