Friday, 4 January 2013

2013 begins

This is a Wordle heading - I had to get my husband to do most of the work as my computer didn't want to load it.

To start the year here is the image I have used for January on the calendar I make for close members of the family and us.

This is photo of the Jubilee Pool taken one Christmas when the weather was a lot sunnier than this year.  The Jubilee Pool is a 1930s Lido built into the sea at a point called Battery Rocks between the port part of Penzance and the prom.  It is a listed building and obviously only open in summer.  It is also extremely expensive to maintain so periodically there is uproar about the amount of tax payers' money that goes to it.  For years there was no proper leisure centre in Penzance and the cost of the Jubilee Pool always came up as a drain on the town's finances.

I make calendars every year and this year I thought I would try to remember to put up the image each month.  The title of this year's calendar is 'At the Water's Edge' so watch out for photos from Cornwall and from my travels.

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