Sunday, 6 January 2013

Christmas presents for five year olds

This year we found ourselves with two five year olds to buy Christmas presents for.  With no grandchildren of our own and as we do not see these children much it was difficult to think of things.  Someone suggested we buy lego for our great-nephew but we were told he was in danger of getting nothing else.  His parents suggested felt pens so I had a lovely time putting together an 'art kit' of felt tip pens, coloured pencils etc. plus a colouring book and a pad.

The second person was Zelah who features in a very early posting of this blog.  Her mother had promised her a craft corner to be put together after Christmas so the suggestion was that we started it off.  I got a lot of things from The Works but we textile types also have loads of supplies we are never going to use so I was able to add card blanks, some sheer fabrics and various bits of ribbon.  This is what Zelah then gave us when we met up for lunch a couple of days ago.

We think it is wonderful.  I have had to put it on top of the tallest bookcase to keep it out of the way of the cats!  I took it down to photograph it and one cat was immediately there so I must have done the right thing.

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  1. What a wonderful present.!! Happy New Year to you both Elizabeth.