Friday, 1 February 2013

Welcome to February

This is the photo for February on this year's calendar.  It is Whitesand Bay beyond Sennen Cove.  I can't remember what time of the year I took it but obviously the tide is out and I have used a wide angle lens.  We went to Sennen last Sunday.  There were only about two other cars there and the tide was right in.  It was too windy to walk so we sat and looked at the view like real oldies and then got out of the car to take a few photos. Mine have had to be straightened in Photoshop but look at the difference to the one above.  Different camera of course and more of a telephoto effect.

I also tried drawing this view on my iPad.  I realised I have drawn/photographed it many times before so I think I should now try some more drawings of it using some of my photos.

We are very glad to see the back of January since it was so wet.  When the rest of the country was suffering from snow a couple of weeks ago we had another little flood across the road.  I only noticed it when I went out next morning and found gravel and mud all over the road not to mention bits of branch just outside our gate so I think it must have been quite high on our side of the road.  Let's hope we don't get any more.  The spring bulbs are beginning to poke through the sodden ground and there are lots of camellias out on the far side of the village although we only have two blooms.  I think the gardens over there must face south.

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