Sunday, 19 January 2014

A jigsaw puzzle for textile people

The dreadful weather continues.  The garden is a quagmire and the pond is overflowing.  Going for a walk is not possible most days unless you are prepared to get drenched ( I look at people walking their dogs and am glad we settled for cats!).  I am still making my mind up about journal quilts but I have had another distraction.  My sister gave me the ideal Christmas present: a jigsaw puzzle featuring lots of cats in a sewing room!

We only started it a few days ago as we decided to wait until the Christmas decorations were taken down.  In our youth we were fanatical doers of jigsaws but we more or less gave up because they do not combine with cats.  Instead I have some on my iPad but they only have 200 pieces so do not take very long to do. We have a table in the sitting room which turned out to be just large enough for this size puzzle.  So I have started although that part of the room is very dark so after about four o'clock it gets too dark to see the pieces.  Here is the left hand side:

The high contrast sections have been reasonably visible but the dark blue is the foreground is a bag of knitting wool and I had to wait for a sunny moment to do it.  We have not really got a plug where we could put an extra light.  The puzzle is fiendishly difficult but that just makes me more obsessive!

On the right hand side the armchair was fairly easy but that is about all.  The beige pieces are a dressmaker's dummy and a dressmaking pattern so you can see it is just the thing for me.

And keeping the cats off?  While I am working on it I have to rely on shouting at them and lifting them off the table if necessary.  If I go out of the room for a short time I shut the door, hoping that all three are locked out.  And overnight or when leaving it for longer, I have discovered that two cutting boards laid side by side on top of it are just right!  Now that I am back into the swing of this activity my husband is threatening to buy me jigsaws from the Oxfam shop where he works but I will have to make sure they do not take over my life.

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