Monday, 13 January 2014

Arty New Years resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone.  Down here we have been beset by storms and very high tides.  We have been cautious and not gone to see them as the photo in my last posting was taken on a day when I was engulfed by a wave on Penzance Prom.  Fortunately we have not been in danger of flooding although today we have had a booklet delivered on how to prepare for floods.  I would sooner not think about it.

Like most people I have started the New Year full of ideas for new activities.  As I can no longer go on holiday I told myself I could afford to buy two horrendously expensive art history books in The Folio Society's sale.  I plan to really study these.

They came in a hard slip case.  They are so heavy I cannot pick them up easily, even one at a time and they will not fit in any of the bookcases.  They consist of detailed articles 

and wonderful photographs.

I have decided I should read them sitting at the dining room table and preferably take notes as I go.  A personal adult education course perhaps!

I am also having thoughts about doing the Journal Quilts project again.  Watch this space.

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