Saturday, 31 December 2016

Inspiration from walks

We have had reasonable weather over the Christmas week.  The one disadvantage is that there are an awful lot of people who come down for the holiday.  This can lead to parking problems at popular places and I am now very limited as to where I can walk.  A couple of days ago we went back to Sennen Beach.  Whereas we only saw one person walking along the pavement on our visit the week before Christmas, this time I had to be very careful to avoid the crowds and their dogs.  However, I was able to walk a little bit further than the first time.  We went late morning again and it is noticeable how the shore is in deep shadow while the wider bay is in full sun.  I decided to look for photos that had the potential for art and design work.  Not that I have done any with them yet!

This is the view across the bay.  The foreground is in heavy shadow while the distant part is very sunny.  The waves breaking are very typical of this area and I have in the past got some excellent shots.  Not so many this time as I now only use a small Canon Powershot camera and even then it is 'point and shoot' as I also have to hold on to my stick.  This one shows one of the waves in more detail.

It is also possible to find good potentially good photos with people in them:

I also looked for detailed shots that might give me abstract ideas, both for stitching when I can do it again, and for art work as I tell myself I need to more of that.  This one is really quite abstract.

I know that what I now need to do is much more work in Elements in order to get really arty work!  I had Elements 14 for Christmas 2015 but do not have a printed book on it as they do not seem to have published one for it in the series I had for Elements 7.  I can see that there is plenty of work to do in 2017.

Writing this has also made me realise it is time I updated the look of this blog.  It needs a new picture and possibly a new layout but I am not sure I can remember what to do!  Of such things are New Year's resolutions made.  In the meantime, New Year greetings to you all if you have managed to find this post and the blog.

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  1. Great photos. Lots of inspiration there. Happy new year. Jackie