Sunday, 1 January 2017

A walk in the park

It is interesting how you can live somewhere and never go to some of the places that are really near.  On Friday we attempted to go up onto the moors but it was very soggy underfoot so we turned round and drove into Penzance.  Penlee House where I have done room stewarding for a long time sits in a park but I cannot remember ever having gone for a walk there.  As there are disabled parking places outside the museum we were able to park there and then walked down the main path.  I often see people walking through there as it leads to one of the main streets on that side of Penzance.  Now I learnt that the path is sealed and quite wide so ideal for someone who cannot walk far, even with walking poles.  There were lots of people there, many with small children.

I appear to have managed to take photos without people in them!  The path leads slightly downhill past a number of large trees which look really good at this time of year

I particularly liked this trunk:

At the bottom of the slope is a small pond with steps behind it.

Those are arum lilies on the left and yes, they are in bloom but this is Cornwall where the winters are mild.  On the right is a clump of papyrus.  We have some in our garden, planted by the previous owner, but I have never known what it was called.  It is very tough and ours recovers well from the odd frost.

Walking back up the path we noticed that there are memorial plaques on a couple of the trees at the top.

The whole park is a memorial garden as Penlee House was given to Penzance as a war memorial.  We will be going there again.  I knew about some of the other features of the garden such as the scented garden and the Open Air Theatre so it is a little surprising that I was not more familiar with this part of it.  And the photos of the trees might be worth fiddling with in Elements to create designs.

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