Sunday, 22 January 2017

Dogs for twins

Well, I have made them: two patchwork dogs for the new twins next door.

They are the same as the ones I was making for my sister's new grandchildren last summer.  In fact, I had started the first one without considering who it was for.  The twins, Felix and Jo, were born ten days ago.  I have to confess that the standard of my work is beginning to slip but you cannot see the places where I had trouble.  As my right (non-dominant) hand weakens from the IBM I find it more difficult to hand sew.  You would be amazed at how much you use two hands sewing, not to mention your right foot if using a sewing machine.  I am beginning to find threading needles a slight problem as I cannot pinch my thumb and forefinger together.  Also I managed to thread the machine up when I moved it upstairs but I have yet to try changing the needle, something I normally do at the end of each project, or threading up with different thread.  I was never any good at using the Bernina needle threader as when I acquired this machine a series of train strikes meant I could not go to the free lesson in London!

I can see that my sewing days are coming to an end but I have become very aware of how many of us are getting older and having practical difficulties.  I started off an interesting conversation on the CQ Yahoo group this week by saying I needed to pass on my books.  Now everyone is at it with lots of suggestions of charities, educational establishments etc. which will take books and supplies.  There must be an awful lot of fabric in British houses!  I have always said that I would paint when I got to this stage as it only requires one hand.  Unfortunately I am not nearly as skilled at painting and drawing as I am at stitching and at the moment I prefer to concentrate on what I know for as long as I can.  However, do not be surprised if this blog mutates into something about art more generally.

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  1. pleased to see you got the dogs made.I am sure the twins will enjoy playing with them