Tuesday, 17 January 2017

More winter walks

We have been trying hard to get out when the weather lets us.  Over New Year we went to Marazion beach where we have learnt you can park for free at this time of the year.  We did not walk but just looked at the sea from the car.

Marazion is very popular with local people at this time of the year so it was quite crowded.

The sandy stretch in front of the car park is ideal for dogs as there is plenty of room for chasing balls.  Here is the view towards Long Rock and Penzance.  Looking straight ahead there is a view right across Mounts Bay.  As with so much down here, everything is much better in winter: no crowds, free parking in a lot of places and not nearly so many people especially once the Christmas hordes have departed.

And here is a reminder of what the beach has to offer.  Look at all the warning  and 'do not' signs!

Last Saturday we braved quite a cold day in order to try out my new four-wheel walker.

We drove to Helston where there is a park situated next to a large pond/small lake.  I was able to walk right round it although I learnt that there are lots of tree roots under the surface which means walking very carefully.  The pond itself is a haven for swans and ducks

and a wide variety of birds although I can never identify the species!

Because the whole area is level and paved it is a popular place for people with families.  There is even a skate park at one point although I do not have a photo of it.

The designer in me was interested in the vegetation around the lake, including this tree and the clump of bamboo.

At the far end of the lake there are good views back to Helston.  The town, which is famous for the Flora Day ceremony and dance, is built on a hill and the buildings stand out well.

Here you can see the parish church and in the next photo, the Methodist chapel.

Helston is the market town for the Lizard.  Most people also associate it with Culdrose airbase which until recently was the home of the Search and Rescue organisation.  Helicopters are frequently seen round here, planes less often except for large ones very high up. I have been told that after the really large jet liners are serviced they take them out on a test run over Cornwall and the Western Approaches so vapour trails are part of the Penzance landscape.

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