Monday, 16 January 2017

Relocating my sewing area

In this house I have been very lucky to have had a sewing area where I could shut the cats out,  It came about because when we moved in eleven years ago there was no utility room so we converted the garage (which is underneath the sitting room) into a combined utility room and studio.  We chose not to knock a hole in the wall from the room I use as a study because (a) we needed the wall on the study side for books and (b) that was the sensible place to put the sinks. I was lucky enough to get two sinks with this arrangement.  However, it has meant that we can only get into the studio by walking across the yard.  In the past I have tripped over the door sill which could be serious so now, with my disability getting worse, I have decided I should not be sewing out there in case I fall.  No-one would hear even though I have a Lifeline alarm and carry my mobile phone at all times.  What a bore!

So since New Year I have been trying to move some things back inside the house.  I now have my sewing machine set up on the table in my bedroom  where I use to sew before the studio was built.  There is a pendant light above it with a daylight bulb in it so that is good.

One of my symptoms is that I cannot get up off normal height chairs and need them raised with cushions or 'elephant feet'.  Then I realised that I had been issued with a 'perching stool' which I have never used so I have put that in the bedroom at the machine.  It is an ideal height although I have to be careful not to bump into it as I walk over to the corner where the electric plugs are!

A second problem which I have not yet solved is where to iron. Originally I had an ironing board in the bedroom (it is quite a large room but an odd shape) but this went a long time ago.  I do not have room for another table so I have to go downstairs on my stair lift each time I need to press a seam which can be very often.  I am considering getting one of those portable ironing boards but I already have a Lakeland ironing pad in the studio and realise that would be easier.  But as you can see there is not much room on the table for that as well as the machine.

And now I find myself in the situation where half my stuff is in the studio and half in the house!  It was ever thus. If I want to do a lot of cutting I need to be in the studio so this morning I was out there but aware that John knew where I was and the neighbour who does our garden was also in the yard a lot.  

And what am I making?  I need to keep it simple as I have not done any sewing since the summer.  Then I was making patchwork dogs for my sister's new grandchildren.  Now I am making two more for the twins our next door neighbour had last Wednesday.  This morning I finished cutting out the squares for the second one.  Now I need to sew them all together, going up and downstairs to the iron of course.  And being January it is very gloomy and sometimes a bit difficult to see the work and stay motivated but I am trying!  Will post again when I have something to show.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished items!

  2. Looking at your set up my first thoughts re ironing is some sort of sliding table to the RHS of your machine so you do not have to walk too far and can get at it for all the little bits one needs to do. If 2 batons were put underside of table and a table/platform or padded surface could slide in and out on them, it would need one or two legs to give it support. it would be smallish and not suitable for shirts and larger items but could be of use a lot of the time. I have a folding board from Lakeland that I lift onto my knee (in folded state) and it sits propped under the table on its edge. Amazing what i can iron in this lazy fashion, very cosy too on a cold day.